Summer Chop

Image:  Kevin Murphy . Fox Hair stock and use Kevin Murphy products.

Image: Kevin Murphy. Fox Hair stock and use Kevin Murphy products.

Remember that first shake of your head after releasing your scalp from years of tight ponytails and overly-warm, weighty locks? 

Getting your hair chopped is one of the most liberating feelings you can experience. 

Like skinny dipping or sticking that boring job and scoring a new one, or kicking off your heels and hurtling down the wide slide at the Margaret Mahy Playground. 

Cutting off your hair is a symbolic act – a gesture that signals a new phase. It’s common for people to decide on a complete change of hairstyle after a break-up. Nothing tells the world more clearly that you’ve moving on and embracing change. 

As the temperatures rise, the beginning of summer is the perfect time to shake off your winter coat and freshen up your look with a summer chop.

At Fox Hair we are seeing less of the wispy tapering and flicks and instead this season is embracing thick, plump, blunt styles. Cuts today are demonstrating more substance and structure – in favour of commanding attention – instead of the feathered, demure look. 

In the colour department, pastel shades are still popular – let us know if you’re up for some fun. 

Go on – do it.

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Paul Everett