Chlorine hacks to protect your colour


It’s not just the smell and taste of our water that’s being affected by chlorine it’s our treasured hair colour as well. 

Fox Hair stylists are warning clients to take the following precautions against chlorine fade in colour treated hair.


1.     Wash your hair less.

Why? Hair cuticles under a microscope look like fish scales. The colour treatment process opens up the scales pushes in colour and seals the pigment in again. Chemicals such as chlorine will also cause these scales to open up causing the pigment to leach back out of the hair follicle which results in fading. Washing your hair less will reduce your hair’s exposure to chlorine and the colour is more likely to hold fast for longer. Trust us: it’s worth tolerating some dull looking hair days while you stretch out your washes – your hair will soon respond and start to glow in its natural oils.
Our Senior Stylist Melody Clare washes her hair once a week and it always look lustrous and gorgeous.


2.     Use salon shampoo

Why? Generally speaking, supermarket shampoos have similar ingredients however salon shampoo ingredients are of higher quality. For example, some well-known brands coat the hair with such low-grade silicon that washing does not dissolve it causing it to build up until a glass like shell coats the entire hair shaft. Long-term use of these shampoos stops colour from penetrating and foils from taking effect. High grade silicon in salon shampoos will coat and protect hair leaving it soft and shiny but also dissolves away with washing and reapplies. Your stylist will be able to advise which shampoo is best for your colour and hair type.

3.     Don’t be fooled by the froth

Do you feel your hair isn’t properly washed if it’s not fully frothing? Well those fluffy bubbles are caused by the harsh detergents often contained in supermarket shampoos. Salon shampoos don’t froth as much, because they contain high quality ingredients designed to gently clean and also protect and nourish your hair. Also, salon shampoos are much more concentrated so you use less. Your stylist will be able to advise which shampoo is best for your colour, how much shampoo you need to use, and how often you can get away with not washing your hair.

At Fox Hair we’re not about the hard sell – we’re about you looking your best and if we can save your time, money and effort – then our work is done.

Paul Everett